Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Let's make a meal plan

It's time to taper! That means more carbs, more sleep, fewer miles, and less sanity. The Colorado Marathon is less than two weeks away! The half we ran on Sunday went very well, and was a personal best for me (1:51:20) as well as The H, who hasn't done a race that long in years. This week I'm vacillating between feeling READY for Colorado and being freaked out that I plan to run the full 26.2. It's only been a year (actually a little less) since I've completed a marathon, but for some reason it feels so long ago and "taper madness" has me wondering what I'm getting into.

So. I'm going to try putting it out of my mind until we're actually *in* Colorado, and just focus on good-carb loading and getting extra rest this week. Next week I'll add "hydrating like mad" to that list.

Here's what's on my non-day specific menu:

Black bean soup
Seared tuna steaks with rice and beans
Lentil tacos
Girls' run appetizer night
Stuffed sweet potatoes

Lunches and snacks will consist of yogurt with berries and honey, lentil soup, balsamic marinated peppers and grape tomatoes, leftover quinoa burgers over small green salads, hard-boiled eggs and fresh fruit, and rice & beans with avocado.


  1. Im in the two weeks before taper for my first half post baby so I still have a 10 miler and a 12 miler to conquer before taper. Im a bit stressed over those distances despite doing a full the week before I found out I was preggo. Im looking forward to taper :)

  2. You're going to do great! You just ran, what, 21 miles a couple of weeks ago - you're totally ready. By the way, I ran the Colorado (half) Marathon a couple of years ago and I would definitely be sure to bring throwaway clothes and potentially dress in layers. Colorado mornings in the spring can be as cold as 30-40 degrees and you start in the canyon (at least the half did, but I would assume the full does as well), meaning you're in the shade because the sun hasn't risen far enough. We froze the year I ran it and I was even wearing pants, a longsleeve tech tee, and a sweatshirt!

    1. Thanks for the reminder! A stop at Goodwill is in my future... :)