Monday, April 29, 2013

Meal plan for two

Once again, The H is off exploring the wide wide world (Milwaukee is sooo exotic) so the little guy and I are enjoying some glutenriffic meals together. Here's what we have lined up this week:

Sunday - leftovers from a cookout with friends, including very early but very tasty sweet corn on the cob and strawberries

Monday - cheese tortellini or butternut ravioli with turkey meatballs, fresh green beans, mango

Tuesday - eggs and toast after running

Wednesday - I plan to go out with friends after yoga; little guy enjoys grandparent time

Thursday - lime quinoa or couscous, grilled salmon for me and chicken for the little guy, with a fresh veggie plate (carrots, bell pepper, green beans) and mango. The little guy prefers his veggies raw, which is a-ok with me.

Friday - pizza (pesto, goat cheese, fresh tomatoes, olives, local beef pepperoni)

My work lunches will be leftover kale-quinoa, yogurt, tomato-avocado salad, and hummus-on-whatever.

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