Monday, May 16, 2016

Hey there!

Remember when I was complaining about not being in the shape I wanted to be?

So, we had a baby the next summer. :D And I'm still too fluffy for those shorts I was griping about! Now my days are spent running around after the new little fellow (a year old next month!), getting fresh air with him in our new jogging stroller, and going back and forth to help in my second grader's classroom. Once in awhile I'll pull out my blog for some meal ideas, but mostly I've been winging it.

One resource I always turn to is my copy of Squeaky Gourmet.

I love the recipes in this book because they're quick, clean, and easy. Sometimes the ingredients list doesn't make sense (where do I put in X, or what size container of Y?) but it hasn't been a deal breaker yet. This book is marked up with notes on things we've made, sticky bookmarks on things to try, and no doubt a few cooking splatters as well. When it's not open on my counter, I like to keep it in the car. It's paperback and very thin, so it's easy to slip into a seat pocket, and that way I can flip through it quickly in the grocery store or while I'm waiting in the school pickup line.

What's new with you?

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