Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekly meal plan

Too much of the time when I go to make a weekly meal plan, I'm focused on making NEW recipes, and I forget to comb through my own blog (or others') for things we've tried and loved. This week I'm trying to bring back a few old favorites.

Sunday lunch - gluten-free pumpkin chia chocolate protein pancakes with turkey sausage patties

Sunday dinner - ???

Monday - marinated chicken breast with cilantro-lime quinoa and roasted broccoli

Tuesday - white chicken chili from the Plan-D Cookbook

Wednesday - turkey sausage ragu

Thursday - pizza for my men while I'm out with friends (run, yoga, dinner)

Friday - rutabaga frittata

Saturday - TBA, as usual

On a mildly related note, have you ever had Concord grapes? I found some locally-grown ones at our big-box grocery the other day (surprise to me!) and bought some... but now I don't really know what to do with them. They do contain seeds, and have a tougher skin than the green variety the little guy loves. I'd love some ideas!


  1. Concord grapes make great jam! (but unfortunately I don't have a recipe for you - I just know because our neighbor makes jam from the grapes that grow on our fence).

  2. My grandma and MIL make grape juice--very simple, but you'd need to experiment b/c they used white sugar. Simply fill a canning jar 1/2 way with grapes and sweetner, fill with boiling water and let sit in the frig for ? Strain and serve. It is rich and grapey--maybe look for the recipe online?

  3. Oh, that sounds good. Thanks!