Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Picky little guy

My son is picky. I never thought I'd say that. I mean, look at those cheeks! He used to eat anything we put in front of him (and some things we didn't, such as OUR food). But lately, he's become increasingly selective about what he will eat. Meat seems to be a no-go, but I hear that isn't abnormal for toddlers. Supposedly they get the bulk of their protein requirements from dairy products, so as long as he is drinking milk (well...) and eating cheese and yogurt regularly, he should be ok there. Being the worried mama, however, I want to make sure he's getting enough OTHER nutrients, too.

A typical breakfast for him used to be toast, a pancake, or a waffle (homemade or frozen wheat-free) with peanut butter, cottage cheese, or cream cheese and reduced-sugar jam, a full glass of milk, and a banana. For the past two weeks, he has refused the toast altogether, opted for half of a banana, and might munch a few of The H's dry Puffins cereal or some organic honey O's. And no milk.

Lunch used to be a soy or nitrate-free organic beef hotdog or Morningstar Farms black bean burger with ketchup, some fruit, cubed cheese, and a cup of yogurt, but he has pared that down to a hard-boiled egg, some green grapes, a few sips of milk, and maybe yogurt. At dinner last night, he refused to let a piece of chicken touch his lips. He wouldn't even look at the fork when I lifted it for him, at task that at 20 months he is more than capable of doing himself.

We've done the "muffin tin lunch" idea to make food fun again, and that was ok for awhile. Then he decided he'd rather play with the cups. I think a few of them have even made their way to the bathroom, now used as tub toys.

He doesn't seem hungry, though, and I suppose when he is, he'll eat. Our household has been fighting off recurrent colds for a month now, so perhaps he's just not interested in food, much like I was when I couldn't taste it. Either way, it's frustrating to me that he used to eat so well and now he'd prefer to subsist on fruit snacks and yogurt.

How do other moms deal with picky eaters?


  1. What's in the bottom right muffin cup? I've been wracking my brain...I can't figure it out! It looks like salt...but that can't be right!

    Oh, and while I'm not a parent, I do have a picky husband. Our biggest thing was carrots. For a while I would chop 'em up real small in soups (like my lentil soup). Then I'd shave them into salads so he could taste them but not too much. Now he eats them in chunks in salads (though he still won't eat them alone).

  2. ah yes...the fruit snacks! Our as my DS calls them 'nacks!'. Always said with an exclaimation point. The muffin tin idea is cute but I could see them totally distracting my kiddo from his food. Good luck!

  3. Katie - it's grated Parmesan/Romano cheese, or "sprinkle cheese." He used to love dipping his beans in it.

  4. hahahah oh man, what a cutie! haha that last pic of him is just adorable. haha his face totally sums up your frustrations with his diet! I think that's so great though that you're trying to feed him super healthy as well as balanced food. Way to go! I hope he gives in and starts eating more of it soon!! :)

  5. Great post! I didn't realize little kids ate so much food :)

  6. Branny, he used to out-eat me at least twice a week. It's astounding. :)