Monday, September 27, 2010

Blogger fail.

Wow, it's been a while. Sorry about that! I've been loosening the clean-eating reins a bit too much lately as my marathon training mileage peaked and The H traveled for the better part of three weeks, but I'm decreasing my miles for the next three weeks, and plan to be a better blogger. Promise!

The little guy and my sister accompanied me to our co-op pickup last week, where we got the following:

Green beans (ok, I grew them but they looked nice here), some kind of pepper I can't remember, pattypan squash, shallots, grape tomatoes, unpictured beef burgers, and unpictured organic raw-milk gouda with dill.

So far, these lovely goodies have made appearances in several lunches and dinners, none of which were photo-worthy. The tomatoes were used on Sunday, as were the beans. The peppers starred in several egg dishes (scrambled, b'fast burritos, a hash-type thing I made in a starving desperation one day). A few taters and a pattypan were also eggified, as was one of the shallots.

Here's our meal plan for this week:

Sunday - beef madras with grape tomatoes over brown rice, steamed green beans

Monday - local beef burgers with sliced tomato, roasted local fingerling potatoes and carrots

Tuesday - "brats and spuds" in the CrockPot... not exactly clean, but I plan to make it cleanER by making a few substitutions

Wednesday - dinner with friends at their house

Thursday - chicken apple sausage salad with local sausages, local apples, and bleu cheese

Friday - a beef enchilada casserole modified from the most recent issue of Clean Eating Magazine...details to come when I make it!

Saturday - out

Sunday - potato-crust quiche with local eggs and the remaining chicken sausage

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