Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas week meal plan

Sunday lunch - breakfast dinner (local eggs, local chicken apple sausage, grapefruit slices)

Sunday dinner - with friends (steak, sweet potatoes, salt-crusted white potatoes, mixed veggies, gluten-free brownies, red wine)

Monday - veggie burgers with home-grown green beans and sweet potato fries

Tuesday - wild rice chicken soup in the CrockPot

Wednesday - CO-OP PICKUP and gluten-free pizza with friends (various toppings)

Thursday - local beef burgers with home fries/potato skillet

Friday - Christmas Eve, plans TBD

Saturday - Merry Christmas! We are brunching with the in-laws and then heading to The H's aunt and uncle's for Christmas dinner later in the afternoon. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday week and a fantastic weekend.


  1. If you can, I'd be really interested to see your recipe for "Wild Rice Chicken Soup in the CrockPot"



  2. Well, it's kind of from a box--but one of the cleanest "soup starter" mixes I've ever found, and gluten-free, which is why I bought it (at Whole Foods). I will be doing a product review afterwards, so stay tuned. :)