Friday, October 15, 2010

No food, just fun...

As I was pouring my berry puree into its ice cube trays, the little guy was coloring with his markers. This I knew. What I wasn't aware of is just *what* he was coloring. I had set him up with a piece of white cardboard that he was having fun decorating. But then this is what I looked up to find.

He was sitting not four feet away from me, in the same room! Note to self: this kid works fast. :) I had been chatting with him while I made dinner, and heard him crow at one point, "I painted my handses!" I don't even want to know how he got it on his chin (and in his ears)...

However, he did a good job washing up, and then we enjoyed our very filling pumpkin-blueberry pancakes.

And yes, I tossed him into the tub after dinner. The blueberries didn't do his already-technicolor hands any favors!

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