Sunday, November 14, 2010

Early winter blahs...

I'm so very tired of creating me-and-little-guy meal plans. You might think that'd be a good motivator to really knock some homers out of the park when The H was back in town, but I have to say just the opposite is true. When he's away, we get into a groove of eating out, eating leftovers, eating with friends, and then I find that I'm all too comfortable doing that by the time he's back under our roof. I know I'll feel better having a plan, so here's the bare bones of this week:

Sunday lunch - leftovers from Saturday's roast chicken and veggies; I'll make wild rice and peas to accompany

Sunday dinner - tacos with the in laws

Monday - homemade black bean soup

Tuesday - something with friends after running group, probably pizza

Wednesday - Indian food for lunch; leftovers for dinner (korma made with tofu/peas and a simmer sauce over rice, or take-out)

Thursday - wild rice chicken soup made with homemade stock

Friday - black bean burgers

Saturday - out, maybe with friends

I do have a great big list of *real* posts for you, I promise, but they're still in the draft stage. Anyone seen my motivation? :(

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