Thursday, October 6, 2011

Old Town Alexandria, 3-year-old style

Here's how we spent our day:

Playing ghost
Petting moss 
 Cheesing for the camera while acorn hunting
 Watching a construction site (he loves the cranes)
 Taking a coffee (for me!) and cookie (oatmeal raisin) break
 Hanging out at the fountain near the train station
 Observing the bubbles and money in the fountain
 Playing with (antagonizing?) one of the tiniest dogs he's ever seen
 Bumming around a farmers' market we found a block from our hotel
 A brief cuddle with his oh-so-tired mama after dinner
 Gelato date! He chose pineapple-basil. :)
He also spent time in the pool with The H, but I didn't document that. It's slightly different than how it might look if The H and I were here by ourselves, no doubt. But it was fun and tired him out, so I'm a fan.