Thursday, August 19, 2010

As the Bean Sprouts: Week 4?

I think this is either Week 4 or Week 5; I kind of lost track when I forgot to take pictures one Friday. The important thing is that we have progress! Thanks to the little guy and The H for watering these when we haven't gotten a good rain in awhile.

Bed #1: Neighbor's fence--looking good!

Bed #2: Potted--still hanging on. Kind of.

Bed #3: Raspberry patch--no beans here! Too accessible for rabbits?

My morning glories are starting to climb, though!

Bed #4: Back 40--well, there are a few sprouts...

AND my cute little tomato plant!

We've had quite a few little Romas off this plant, and a cherry or two from the one next to it (not pictured). Since I took these pictures, the plants by the neighbor's fence have taken off even more--we now have little white flowers and the leaves are getting bigger by the minute, it seems. You'll see in the next update!

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