Thursday, August 5, 2010

Product review: thinkThin bars

Last time we were near a Trader Joe's, I had just finished a 4-mile run and we had to hurry back home (2 hours away). I was looking for a tasty, filling, not-too-terrible snack to have in the car. The row of thinkThin bars caught my eye because I'd seen them advertised in Clean Eating Magazine. If my favorite CE resource endorses them, they must not be TOO bad, I was hoping.

The ingredients list is pretty cool--no weird artificial sweeteners that give me headaches--AND they are gluten-free, so wahoo for The H! He shared some of my brownie crunch in the car. I saved the chunky peanut butter one for later.

Unlike most protein bars I've had, the texture of this one is not paste-like or overly gritty. The chocolate coating is pretty convincing if your tastebuds need to be fooled into thinking they're eating a candy bar (we all have those moments, right? Not just me, I hope...). It's a good portion size for a mid-morning snack, and I plan to order more of them online. They're eligible for the "Subscribe & Save" feature on, which we already use for some gluten-free products.


  1. thanks for this recommendation! i am always on the lookout for a clean, healthy, moderately good tasting bar! love your blog, by the way!

  2. Thanks for trying these and reviewing them. I have seen them at our Bed Bath and Beyond and wondered about their quality and cleanliness. I'm glad you gave them a good review- sometimes I do need to feel like I need to trick my brain into thinking it's eating a candy bar and sometimes I really just like eating a protein bar! :-)

  3. Thanks for this review! I've seen these bars but haven't tried them yet. I'll definitely pick one up next time! :)