Friday, February 11, 2011

Worth the wait

This morning I couldn't decide what I wanted for breakfast, but I knew I didn't want it to be the Chex and Rice Krispies that my men were enjoying. While I sipped my first cup of coffee (half caff with half-and-half, same as always), I had a piece of locally-made wheat toast spread with Earth Balance to stop my belly from grumbling and to buy me some time until I figured out what I really wanted. Not oatmeal. Not pancakes. No pumpkin to make a protein cake with... it took awhile, but I finally came up with a scrambled egg + egg white, spinach, and Sriracha wrap in a sprouted wheat tortilla. YUM. Warm and filling with just a hint of spice (should've increased the hot sauce), and perfect with my second cup of coffee. It wasn't that appealing looking, so no pic, but I'm pretty pleased with it--oh, and the fact that I successfully avoided putting fresh homemade whipped cream into my coffee. ;) Happy Friday!


  1. have you shared your homemade whipped cream recipe? It sounds amazing :)

  2. Nothing special, and surely not clean--just a pint (is that the tiny carton?) of whipping cream, a dab of powdered sugar, and a squirt of vanilla extract. :z Maybe I could've used stevia for the sugar; having never made it before, I wasn't sure if it was to add any substance other than sweetness.