Sunday, March 20, 2011

A bit of a meal plan...

My heart's not in this one, so it's not written in stone... but here's my lazy-day meal plan for the coming week:

Sunday lunch - leftovers (chicken & bulgur for me, orange-beef stir fry for The H, mac & cheese from our favorite local joint for the little guy, all with green grapes and mango on the side)

Sunday dinner - pizza with friends

Monday - breakfast dinner (chicken apple sausage, allergen-free waffles)

Tuesday - chili in the CrockPot after running group, hopefully with gluten-free cornbread

Wednesday - barbecue chicken with fresh green beans and butternut risotto

Thursday - perhaps leftovers again?

Friday - beef stew and gluten-free peach muffins

My lunches this week will be broccoli soup from last week (I froze two large portions) and the shrimp salad I didn't get to make yet, along with whatever other leftovers we end up with after the meals above.

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