Sunday, March 13, 2011

Menu plan

The H is jetting off to sunny Florida for work this week, so my meal plan this week is based on things *I* want to eat that he may not be able to, as usual. Some of these things may be made as lunches and eaten whenever.

Unlike most of my meal plans, I'm not assigning a day to any of these. I am just planning to make what sounds good when I have the time for it. All the components (or reasonable approximations that I need to use up!) are already in the house. I like to shop ahead when The H is traveling so I know I'm ready to prep and cook when the mood strikes.

Grilled cheese and broccoli soup from Chef Mommy
Italian shrimp salad (Clean Eating Magazine)
Lemon chicken with bulgur (Clean Eating Magazine)
Cellophane noodles with shrimp (a Clean Eating Mag favorite!)
Orange beef stir-fry (Clean Eating what if I so handily happened to have an issue on me when I made this plan and went shopping?) :D

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