Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summer dress

This is semi-related to clean eating...

I don't own any shorts that fit.* My smallest pair, which was tight a few years ago (and *just* fit in this photo)
are now saggy and baggy. They get me by for one wearing, fresh from the dryer.

So I've been leaning heavily on my skirts--brown cotton, black cotton, and denim. That denim one was a reach for me, since it's quite a bit shorter than the other two, but I'm happy with my legs and don't mind showing them off (yay running!).

For awhile now, I've been scoping out clearance racks at various stores, trying to add to my summer (and heck, year-round) wardrobe in my new smaller size without breaking the bank. I was thrilled to find two dresses that are not only cute on the hanger, but feel like they were made for me! I have a wedding shower to attend soon, and was dreading the thought of opening my closet to stare once again at the empty hangers and shapeless (on me!) garments that I can no longer fill out, top or bottom. When I tried this dress on, I knew I'd found my shower outfit.

And when the little guy looked up from the bench where he was reading a book and said, "Mommy looks fancy," I knew we had a winner.

Two years ago, I would never had chosen such a dress-it's so low cut! It's shorter than my shins!--but for whatever reason now, I was drawn to it, and was beyond pleased with the results.

There are so many great colors in the pattern; my next challenge will be finding jewelry to complement it. Thank goodness I didn't out(under?)grow my earring collection!

*Since drafting this post, I've been blessed with a pair of perfect denim shorts and a pair of linen-blend "walking" shorts, both for ridiculously good prices. But I still adore this dress. :)

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  1. Love the pattern on the dress! Of course, you can always throw a camisole under the dress if you're going somewhere where you might mind it being low-cut. Rock that confidence!