Sunday, July 10, 2011

Oh where, oh where has The H gone today?

Oh where, oh where can he be?
That's right. Vegas, baby. Which means I can eat shrimp this week!

The little guy and I are actually on week two of four "Mommy and Caleb" weeks in a row. Forgive my inevitable lack of creativity toward the end of this month. Super-humid weather and cooking-for-one (more or less) weariness is bound to catch up with me.

We did all right today; I was pretty proud of myself for remembering to marinate some chicken breast in Garlic Expressions dressing last night. It was easy to throw those on the grill after church, reheat some quinoa, and toss a few ears of corn onto the grill. With the addition of some sweet local cherries, our lunch was complete.

For dinner, we packed a picnic and headed to a local beach/splash pad with my in-laws. Playing in the water always gives him a big appetite! He mowed through a whole sandwich (blackberry no-sugar jam + almond butter on local whole-wheat bread), grapes, apple slices, two gluten-free blueberry muffins, and some Special K cracker chips.

My lunches this week will be leftovers (shrimp + quinoa with veggies, chicken breast + spinach salad, gluten-free spaghetti with meat sauce...) but as for dinners, I'm kind of flying blind right now. That is a pretty terrible place to be, for someone who is trying to eat clean anyway, so I will try to get my act together and form a decent meal plan. If only it weren't so *hot* I could probably come up with a great list in no time!

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