Saturday, November 21, 2009

One year ago...

I started taking measurements and doing weekly weigh-ins on November 25, 2008. My son was 5 months old and I was "fluffy" to say the least. My weight was up due to bad eating habits, steroid medication for Crohn's disease, and lackluster running routine. My sister's wedding nearly one month prior left me struggling to fit into a Size L (roughly equivalent to a 12) bridesmaids' dress. But things can change. And I'm so grateful for that!

Thanksgiving 2008

My latest weigh-in showed me at my all-time lowest healthy adult weight: 28 pounds lighter than I was one year ago (thanks to Sparkpeople for keeping track). From November 2008 to June 2009 I lost 6 pounds, and I attribute that to getting off the steroids. Know what helped make up the remaining 22 pound deficit? CLEAN EATING! My eating habits changed for the better this past summer.

My best-fitting pants now are Size 4, and I recently had to buy new underwear (the things you don't think about...) because mine would literally fall off when I'd run. Underneath my Size S pants, no less. Hilarious! I've lost 6 inches off my hips, an inch-and-a-half off my neck, and 6 inches from around my waist. My core has gotten stronger, which helps my running, thanks to some core moves I found online and in Runner's World magazine.

November 2009

My running speed has increased... my 5K time dropped from 40:09 to 27:25 and my energy level is greater than ever. At my last gastroenterologist appointment, my doctor couldn't believe how healthy I was; at that time, all of his Crohn's patients in the past month had been in various states of disease flare-up. I've was able to stop taking one of the medications that I'd been on since elementary school, when I was first diagnosed. What a welcome change!

I'm so thankful that I have been given this body that can do (and overcome) so many things, and I intend to keep it as healthy as I can for as long as possible. Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Congrats on the amazing progress you have made AND most importantly improving your health!!! Your body is truly thankful for the changes you have made.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  2. Wow good for you! That is an amazing transformation - you are an inspiration to all us clean eaters!

  3. Wow! Great transformation! You look and sound wonderful!!

  4. Kate, I'm inspired by your post. I have been tip toeing through the world of clean eating up until recently and am working harder at it. I too, have Crohn's. I was diagnosed this year and I truly notice a difference in the disease activity when I eat clean. My doctor told me that I would be on the drugs I'm on currently long term with no hope of getting off, I hope that I can prove her wrong with strong nutrition and taking care of myself fitness wise as well! Thanks for your post!!! Congratulations on your health!

  5. Amazing story! =) I love how you beat all odds and in the end you are the healthiest you have been! Wonderful job!!!

  6. Wow, what an accomplishment! You've really done great work to achieve your best health. (PS - saw u from The Nest:)

  7. Congrats! Being healthy is the best accomplishment.