Sunday, November 22, 2009

Will I *ever* learn?

I think I'm in the midst of another carb hangover. Ugh.

Dinner last night, while simply delicious (at a local place that uses local food and turns out heavenly local dishes), I shared a plate of "raw fries" with The H and baby--white potatoes, fried until *just* shy of crispy, then doused with white balsamic vinegar and salt. Lick-the-plate yummy. Then I ordered a grilled cheese sandwich, something I haven't had in ages, because my sister who hates grilled cheese couldn't stop raving about it. Bread + cheese + caramelized onions + other goodies I can't remember. It was good. And THEN (cover your eyes if you know where this is headed, or send me a virtual head-smack) I ORDERED DESSERT. And not fruit-with-granola kind of dessert. The thickest, densest, ooey-gooiest chocolate Mississippi Mud Pie kind of dessert. No, I did not finish it. I hardly at three bites before I gave up and waddled back to the car.

Breakfast today was quick; I didn't feel like making toast or reheating oats (can we say lazy?), so I had some of The H's Trader Joe's Honey Nut Os with half a sliced banana, and coffee with half and half. Morning snack was nonexistent, since we were at church, and then lunch was pumpkin black bean soup. Yummy, and my one saving grace for the day... because my afternoon snack was a piece of sprouted grain toast with more coffee, and my sis (the grilled cheese recommender) had me and baby over for dinner, where we ate pizza (Jiffy crust; she's not gluten-free) and buttery parmesan breadsticks... WITH COFFEE CAKE FOR DESSERT.

Seriously. I need to print this out and tape it over the refrigerator. I feel foggy, tired, droopy, and semi-sick. I just keep drinking water hoping to flush some of this through before I crash into bed. My son is down for the night, and I'm about to follow--yes, at 9:15. Thus ends my weekend carb-loaded eat-a-palooza.


  1. I woke up feeling yucky today, too. I have no idea what I ate or didn't eat but my stomach was not a happy camper.

  2. Hey Kate, I'm a little late but I added you to my blog roll. Thanks!