Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekly Meal Plan

Here's what I have on the menu this week:

Sunday - Gluten-free pizza with Trader Joe's sauce (no time to make my own), TJ's nitrate-free pepperoni, black olives, red bell pepper (this was lunch). For dinner, we went out with the the in-laws to On The Border; I got grilled mahi mahi tacos in soft corn tortillas with black beans and roasted vegetables and drank water with lemon.

Monday - Brussels sprouts with squash and chicken sausage (The H won't be home for dinner, or I'd never get away with this). This is from a starred post from Cara's Cravings in my Google Reader. Baby will likely eat leftover pizza so he can have a bath and get to bed soon after he gets home from daycare. Mondays are exhausting for the little guy! I'll saute my sprouts and squash when he's down for the night so I'll make sure to have a good, filling afternoon snack. After dinner I will start soaking some black beans for use later in the week.

Tuesday - CrockPot day! Turkey chili (using 10oz Jennie-O turkey) with two kinds of beans, gluten-free corn muffins with apple butter.

Wednesday - Clean Eating Magazine's Ultimate Turkey Burgers, using the remaining 10oz of turkey from yesterday and the last gigantic red pepper from the grocery store last week. I'll probably roast the last few co-op fingerling potatoes to go along with them.

Thursday - Girls' run night; The H will be on his own. He'll probably make a GF pizza with the extra crust from Sunday.

Friday - Pumpkin penne with the rest of the chicken sausage links from Monday. This is from Proceed With Caution, another star in my Google Reader. I'll use the kale I bought at the farmer's market last week.

Saturday - Pumpkin black bean soup, using some of the beans I cooked earlier this week, and the rest of the pumpkin from Friday. If I get really ambitious, I'll make a fresh loaf of gluten-free cheese bread to go with it.

Sunday - I'm out of ideas... if I come up with something great, I'll let you know.

What will you be making?

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