Friday, March 23, 2012

What a week...

The H left for DC on Monday, juuust in time for me to pick up the little guy's stomach bug. That made for a great night. :( Thankfully, I have amazingly helpful in laws who scooped up the kid and dog first thing the next morning (no joke, before 8am), allowing me to literally sleep They kept both overnight, too, and took the little guy to daycare on Wednesday. SO wonderful. I felt eighty zillion percent better then and was able to pick him up in the afternoon.

How much cooking did I do? Right. I nearly cried with relief when I realized I had a box of organic chicken stock in the pantry. Hello, breakfast lunch and dinner. How much Pepsi did I drink? Less than a two-liter, more than a 20oz bottle. Such is life. Super-cold, fizzy brown pop through a straw has been my "comfort drink" on an upset stomach for a very long time. My father-in-law brought me some on Tuesday, saving me a trip to the nearest drug store. It's not even a quarter-mile away, but I doubt I could've made it there without at least one sit-down-to-rest break. I certainly wasn't going to attempt driving there! I'm glad I don't get that sick very often. I felt utterly useless!

The good news? 1) The H is home. Whew. 2) I still have the ingredients for a few simple meals that we can have this weekend or next week. So. Moving on! Hope you all have a great weekend.

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  1. I had food poisoning, or something, once a few years ago and I called my brother in law to PLEEAASSEEEEEEE bring me some 7up. I lived about 3mi from the store, but the trip to my car would have killed me. That is such a horrible feeling! Glad you are feeling better, and YAY for your H being home. MH is home this weekend, but he's sick, so he's basically been sleeping since he got home Friday night - he leaves again tomorrow. bummer