Sunday, March 4, 2012

Michigan-made meal plan

With my own knives and utensils, not to mention a beautiful gas range and oven, at my disposal, I am excited to get down to the business of cooking all our meals again. Like I've done before after a long trip, I've compiled a grocery list of eighty zillion fruits and veggies with a few protein sources for good measure. Here's what I've come up with for our meals, largely inspired by my Squeaky Gourmet book:

Lemon chicken with roasted broccoli and stuffed baby potatoes --make extra chicken

Portobello/steak fajitas with marinated carrots and peppers --make one, freeze one

Slow-cooked chicken with rosemary roasted veggies

Stuffed mushrooms and wild rice with toasted almonds

Adzuki beans and rice

Roast beef sandwiches and mushroom soup

Breakfasts, lunches, snacks: blueberry oat bran mini muffins, banana nut oatmeal, curry chicken salad, seared albacore tuna with leftover quinoa, hummus hard-boiled eggs, peanut spread for apples/veggies, applesauce

Now that I have it down on "paper" I'm not so sure about it. Maybe I'll feel more confident when I've actually done the required grocery shopping.

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