Saturday, June 12, 2010

Meal plan SATURDAY

Look at me, all ahead of the game and stuff. :D We're home from ATL after a *perfect* travel day, and ready to stretch out in our own house (and kitchen!) for a while. I jetted to the grocery store after dinner--pizza at a local joint that offers gluten free crust--to stock the fridge.

As usual after a long trip, I went a little nutso in the produce department and came home with the following:

Bell peppers--orange and red
Peaches--the little guy has been asking for them since we experienced real, fresh Georgia peaches this week :)
Mushrooms--white and portobello
Spinach--I have about 450 frozen banana halves waiting to be smoothied!
Sweet potatoes
Vidalia onions
Green onions
Chex for The H (gluten free!)
Kashi cereal for me
Cottage cheese
Organic half and half
Yogurt for the little guy
Earth Balance "butter"
Milk--skim for me and The H, 2% for the little guy

I'm quite sure I react to not cooking a lot by overestimating the fresh things we'll eat when we get back, BUT I made a meal plan first (built around meat that we had in the freezer) so I wasn't just buying random ingredients. I will make a trip to the farmer's market on Wednesday to get fresh eggs (we boiled the dozen left in the fridge today after checking their freshness) and whatever produce/herbs looks good. I would've loved to shop more locally for this trip, but I needed selection and convenience this time.

Our meals for the week, in no particular order are:

Fajitas--with flank steak from the co-op and portobello mushrooms with peppers and onions on corn tortillas... there will be plenty to share, anyone care to join??

Burgers--on the grill, served with a mango-melon fruit salad and parsnip/sweet potato fries

Kabobs--with locally-farmed chicken and loads of veggies, over brown rice

Pizza--our meatless meal for the week, gluten free and grilled if possible, using all sorts of veggies

Turkey Sausage Ragu--a good rainy day (there are some forecast...) meal from Clean Eating Magazine, with kale

And, if we don't end up going out, Turkey Chili with black beans (in the slow cooker)

Lunches for the week will be leftovers, clean-eating egg salad, and clean PBJs (natural peanut butter + fresh fruit on whole-grain bread).

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