Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fajitas and freezer meals

Last month, I ordered a flank steak from our local co-op with the intent of making fajitas with it. I had seen a recipe in Clean Eating Magazine, and I was hoping to replicate it. Too bad once the meat was thawed, the recipe was nowhere to be found. So I made one up (why are you not surprised?) using this recipe from Chef Mommy and this one from

The cut of meat was so big that I had enough for two meals. And since I bought enough peppers and onions for at least that many, I decided to make a batch of fajitas to freeze. I always *mean* to cook one/freeze one, but it usually never happens. Today, I got to change that! The portobello caps I bought on Sunday also got sliced up, intending to supplement the meat, but once I discovered just how big it was (it was folded in half in the freezer pack) and saw I had enough for two full recipes, I quickly got out a third freezer bag and made a batch of vegetarian fajitas--portobellos, peppers, and onions. Perfect!

Once the marinade was mixed up (I had about 2 cups) I simply poured it into each bag, shook it all around, then laid the two extra on a plate to be placed in the freezer.

These were not as powerfully flavorful as I would have hoped, but still very good. Adding some Frank's RedHot to each serving gave them some extra oomph. Next time I'll add it to the marinade.

I'm so excited that I have two (nearly) ready-made meals stashed away!

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  1. Will you share your marinade recipe?? Also, did you cook first and then freeze? Or freeze raw to be thawed and cooked when ready to use?