Sunday, June 6, 2010

Life's a zoo... then and now

Here are some pictures from our two trips to Zoo Atlanta with the little guy. They are from his first trip, in September 2008 (roughly 10 weeks old) and our trip this week, when he is 23 months old. The 2008 pictures are also pre-clean-eating... I think it's kind of funny how I've shrunk as the little guy has grown. :)

September 2008 vs. June 2010

Pandas, September 2008 vs. pandas, June 2010

Peekaboo! September 2008 vs. June 2010

Caleb's ride, September 2008 vs. Caleb's ride, June 2010

Gorillas, September 2008 vs. gorillas, June 2010


  1. We need to talk about the difference in how you look from 08' to 10'. WOW, Kate! Caleb is adorable, but hellloooo! You look great!

  2. Thanks, Em! It's kind of shocking, isn't it? :)