Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Soup and salad

Tonight's dinner was light, after playing at the children's museum. It's nice to have local contacts like the one who told us the museum is free on the 2nd Tuesday of the month! She was kind enough to join us with her husband, little girl, and another local mom and her toddler. Thanks for meeting us, guys!

For dinner we got salads from a place at the food court in the CNN Center (Building?). I was in the mood for some more comfort-like food, and vegetable soup hit the spot. It was made without MSG, trans fats, or other weird ingredients. Aside from being quite salty, it was good.

My salad, while quite pretty, wasn't much to write home about. Maybe it was the dressing--too tart? Too cold?

The little guy ate some of my tomatoes. He also made up his own salad (cucumbers, cheese, turkey, kidney beans) and ate most of it.

A small miracle occurred when we got home: rather than making a beeline for the cheesecake or frozen espresso bar lurking in the fridge, I rounded out my evening with three whole-wheat graham crackers and a bowl of fruit (blackberries, bananas, strawberries) and cottage cheese. And decaf. (Did you really think I'd go a day without my decaf?)

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  1. It was really nice to finaly meet you! We had a great time hanging out with your famiy.

    Lol, I had no idea you were taking pictures to blog about the meal. Funny that we went to different places, yet we all came back to the table with salads.