Saturday, June 5, 2010

Atlanta - Day 5

Ufff. That is what I have to say about the humidity today. The H and I both went for a run (separately) this morning "before it got too hot." Yeah... it was still hot. He did his 2mi around 8am, and I left for my 6mi at 8:30... which I quickly shortened to 5mi, and then out of desperation, I finally made a deal with myself that if I was over 4mi by the time I got back to the hotel, I'd do a few laps around the parking lot to make it 4.5 and call it good. And that is just what happened. Whew! I refueled with coffee and a green monster, just like the other day.

Then we went to the zoo! This was our second visit to Zoo Atlanta. Back in September 2008, we braved the 92* heat and humidity with our 10-week-old (duh). I'm drafting a "then and now" post with some pics from both trips--in the same exhibits--so you can see how we've all changed!

He was not a fan of the petting zoo, until The H showed him how he could brush a goat. He loves brushing things--his hair, my hair, the dog. Why should a goat be any different? :)

Of course the elephants were a big hit. He loves making his (very wet) elephant sound, which he is in the middle of in the photo above.

The lion was asleep, but we still said hi!

After the zoo and naptime, I went to Trader Joe's for some snacks while my boys hit the pool. I came back with a treasure trove of goodness--blackberries, strawberries, more spinach, eggs, half and half. gluten free pasta, chicken burgers, bell peppers, graham crackers, dark chocolate almonds, beets--and whipped up a quick dinner.

We had gluten-free rice pasta with marinara sauce, roasted garlic chicken sausage, and a vegetable medley, with a glass of red wine. This all came from our first TJ's run last Tuesday.

For my post-dinner munchies, I enjoyed a plate of juicy blackberries, cinnamon graham crackers (made with whole wheat and evaporated cane juice!), and of course some decaf.

These crackers are thick and crunchy, just sweet enough, and made with not-terrible ingredients. Sure beats the ones from the grocery store that I have been avoiding for the past year! Too bad they're not gluten free, or then they'd be perfection itself. (Sorry, H!)

Since I thought all day that today was Sunday, I was extra excited to remember that *tomorrow* is Sunday, so we have another full day of relaxing and exploring ahead of us before jumping into crazy busy-ness again on Monday. Happy mid-weekend to you all!

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