Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summertime, and the livin' is CHILLY!

The high temperature yesterday was barely into the 70s. It was breezy and sunny, and perfect--as close to fall as we'll get for the next few months! My favorite. I celebrated it with a trip to the farmer's market AND by looking ahead to *real* fall weather and registering for my first full marathon in October! (FYI, a marathon is always 26.2 miles--always. Anything less is not a marathon; anything more is an "ultra"marathon.) I've been following an 18-week training plan for the past 2 1/2 weeks, so it was about time I officially registered. Wish me luck!

Lunch was a lovely little autumnal beet-green-and-poached-egg skillet topped with crumbled goat cheese, sea salt, and black pepper. Those odd little yellow-green things are garlic scapes and green onions, from last week's trip to the market. I chased it all down with a warm, steamy mug of Oregon Chai. Cheers to summertime fall!


  1. Mmm, chai sounds perfect for today! I'm a fairly new follower- not sure if I've commented before. Anyway, congrats on registering for your first marathon! I'm also running my first one this October. Would love to read more about your training :)

  2. I get that question a lot too when I say I'm running a marathon. I just smile and say "the usual: 26....point 2).

    Love your blog BTW! :-)