Thursday, July 1, 2010

Breakfast for dinner

Tonight the three of us went for a run after The H got home from work, so dinner needed to be something quick and easy that we could make afterwards and still get the little guy in bed at a decent time. I made a gluten-free coffeecake this afternoon, so we decided on eggs to round it out.

It ended up being a kind of fridge cleanout meal, since I got to use up the garlic scapes, golden zucchini, beet greens, and a few eggs, in addition to some cherries and a few near-wrinkly peaches that I served on the side.

The H requested poached over scrambled, so I nestled the eggs in the greens/zucchini and let them cook through a bit before putting them in the oven to set completely (make sure your skillet is oven-safe if you try this). I meant to put some goat cheese in there, but I forgot.

Breakfast for dinner = coffee, so The H made a fresh pot, and we were good to go.


  1. Hello Kate !

    New follower here and I just want to tell you how much I have enjoyed your blog so far. I am new to eating clean so you will be in my daily rounds !

  2. I saw this on Friday and used the idea Sunday for breakfast. It was very tasty and a great way to use up all our leftover veggies from the week. Thanks for the inspiration!