Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Part of my marathon training specifies "cross training" one day per week. I'm not a swimmer. We don't have access to a gym or tennis court, so those are out. I can't rollerblade with the little guy (can you imagine?!), BUT I've had a bike in the garage for as long as we've lived here. Time to use it!

My father-in-law picked up this trailer for us at a yard sale earlier this summer. Here are some pics from our inaugural ride.

The little guy was *exhausted* but he didn't want to go back home. He kept asking for "more, more, faster!" He had played in the pool earlier for quite a long time and that always wears him out. He slept great! :)

Originally, I had intended to use it for biking to the farmer's market, but a quick Google Maps search showed that it's nearly 8 miles round trip (I was huffing and puffing after less than 2 last night) and it's not through the greatest area. Guess we'll stick to neighborhood treks for now.

Yep, I make this look good.

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  1. Perfect crosstraining! And your little guy gets a fun ride as well!