Monday, July 12, 2010

My bean experiment

I'm not a gardener. That is a fact. Green thumbs have I not. However, what I *do* have is the space to grow things (just not maintain them), and family members who just won't stop giving me living (or aspiring-to-be-living) things. Thus, I had a packet of green bean seeds--bush beans--to plant this summer. I was a little slow on the uptake and didn't get them into the ground until July, but my mom (who is a master gardener, true story) says they still have plenty of time to grow.

So, here we are. There are a LOT of seeds in one little packet, did you know that? And, unlike flower seeds, you're only supposed to plant one seed per hole. (Maybe flowers are like that, too. I wouldn't know.) I didn't want to just plant a handful of the plethora, so I began a little experiment. I planted beans in four different areas of my yard. Be proud.

1. By the neighbor's fence, partial sun.

2. In a pot on the front porch, full sun unless I move it. This is the only movable one.

3. Next to my raspberry bushes (how the heck those grew, I'll never know... they were all but dead when they went into the ground!), mostly sunny. I added the dregs of my potting soil bags to this spot.

4. In the back (yes, overgrown) garden bed, mostly sunny. The little guy, with help from my mom, put some back here.

It is my intention to take pictures of each location every two weeks and see how the beans are progressing. Hopefully at the end of the summer at least one of them will have something to show for all my beyond-my-comfort-zone work.

Do you have a garden this summer? What is growing in it?

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