Friday, May 7, 2010

Spring has truly arrived!

Know how I know? The little guy and I went to the FARMERS MARKET on Wednesday!

I was happy to see "my" egg person again, selling large and jumbo dozens for $0.50 less than I get them from the local food co-op. When we run out mid-week and co-op pickup night is a few weeks off, this is a great way to supplement.

We also picked up a bunch of fresh asparagus, some of which I roasted for lunch with olive oil, sea salt, and pepper (but forgot to take a picture of), some gifts for Mother's Day, and a cute little basil plant.

My attempt at basil-from-seeds did not, shall we say, go well.

The new plant will get repotted in fresh soil and take up residence in a pot--eventually with some other herbs--on my back porch, where I can move it into the sun or out of the rain as needed. The old one, that has been "growing" since January (I know! I'm not very green-thumby), will get pitched into the garden.

Oh, and since it was "ten o' clock snack time" the little guy and I shared a delightfully gooey fresh pecan cinnamon roll. We've been fortunate to have access to local food throughout the winter, thanks to the co-op, but I love market season and I'm glad it's back!

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  1. BEAUTIFUL! Love seeing the seedlings poke through the dirt!