Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hmm...what to eat?

The H is going out of town... surprise, surprise. So little guy and I are on our own Monday through Wednesday. Then we're all together Thursday (unless I run with the girls) and on Friday, we're heading to Traverse City for the Bayshore Marathon on Saturday. I'm running the half--so is my mom--and The H is spectating with my dad.

So here's what I came up with...

Sunday lunch - picnic at a park with friends; we grilled kabobs and I ate more chips and onion dip than a reasonable clean eater should. Oh, and then an ice cream sandwich. :)

Sunday dinner - Burgers on the grill, topped with feta and tomato-kalamata relish and served with grapefruit slices. Chickpea brownie for dessert.

Monday - I'd really like to take the little guy to the airport observation area, if the weather is nice. Looks good so far--sunny, mid-80s. Perhaps we'll bring a picnic, something simple like PB&J (on locally made multi-grain bread), yogurt, and fresh fruit.

Tuesday - Honey mustard turkey meatloaf, sweet potato fries OR corn on the cob...

Wednesday - Marinated shrimp and orzo with broccoli

Thursday - Spinach lasagna or fajitas...whichever one would make less, or more freezable, leftovers.

Friday - Pasta dinner with friends!

Saturday - Whatever I want, man, I just ran a half marathon! (Kidding... we're having a cookout with other people from the running group.)

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