Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Eating out: The Omelette Shoppe

Last Monday, the three of us had a lovely relaxing morning together, kicked off by breakfast at The Omelette Shoppe. It was my first time there.

Sadly (or not really, because I don't feel bad about it), cheap won out over clean and I ordered the Early Bird omelette special--one meat, one veggie, one cheese in a two-egg omelet with a side of toast and coffee or juice--for less than $5.

My omelette was made with ham, green peppers, and cheddar. A classic and delicious combo! The H and the little guy each had some as well, so I really only ate about 1/3 of what you see on the plate. I had one of the wheat toast halves, with some of the strawberry jam (it's not ketchup) you see on the left, and then most of the little guy's pancake. It came out looking like Mickey Mouse--I ate the "face" portion while he picked at the "ears" and ate the fruit that came with it. The H made short work of his hash browns and over-medium eggs (no toast, of course) and coffee.

The prices here were more reasonable than our other local breakfast go-to place, and I felt the food wasn't quite as butter-laden. I'd love to go back, especially considering the sizable menu and lots of tasty-sounding options.

The koi pond in the attached mall held the little guy's attention more than his Disney-inspired breakfast did. I know where we're going next time the weather doesn't allow us to be outside!

My breakfast kept me full until after the little guy was down for a nap--lunch was leftover lentil soup and a fresh mango. Nice and light!

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