Saturday, May 1, 2010

A delicious day

7:30am - breakfast
Whole-wheat toast (local) with sunflower seed butter, one hardboiled egg white with kosher salt, half a banana, coffee with half and half.

10:30am - snack
Coffee, edamame, string cheese, fresh strawberries, water.

1:00pm - lunch
Tuna nicoise stovetop casserole from Clean Eating Magazine, followed by a few raw almonds and chocolate-covered espresso beans, water

3:30pm - snack
Mug of green tea and fresh pineapple. Not much--lunch was filling!

6:00pm - dinner
Picnic with the little guy! Deli turkey on a multi-grain sandwich thin with spinach, mustard and pepperoncini, cantaloupe with cottage cheese, water -- until my dining companion decided it'd be funny to throw his fork into the bottle.

He ate deli turkey, cottage cheese, melon and berries, and edamame. He ate his entire plateful, minus three of the edamame, and chugged his full glass of milk. Fresh air works up an appetite!

10:00pm - snack after a 5.5-mile run
Chocolate protein shake. My goal was to run 4 miles (on the treadmill while the little guy was sleeping), but when I got to 3.8mi I figured I might as well make it 5. Then 5.25 came around and I was feeling good, so I thought I'd go for 6. But the little guy started crying pretty hard at 5.5, so I was done. Not bad, considering my goal was quite a bit less. :)

I'm working on a meal plan for next week; once I figure out what we're doing and how many nights The H will be home, I'll get it posted. I've gone a little nuts with the grocery shopping since we've been home, so there are lots of options available!

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  1. Congrats on the run! I love when I actually do more than planned, too.