Thursday, June 3, 2010

Chicken apple sausage salad

The little guy and I have been busy this week! I went for my run first thing this morning, after a light first breakfast of sprouted grain toast, peanut butter, and fresh strawberries.

After my hard-and-fast 4 miles on the treadmill (Atlanta, I'm not a fan of your hills!) I refueled with a green monster (skim milk, chocolate whey protein, peanut butter, spinach, half of a banana) and coffee.

There is a park within walking distance, so we slathered up in sunscreen and spent the morning there swinging, climbing, sliding, and digging. After lunch in our room (turkey, strawberries, cheese, and rice-pasta macaroni--The H ate with us) we took his new inflatable turtle friend to the pool for his inaugural dip.


Dinner was quick and light, perfect for a sunny summer evening when we've spent all day playing.

Tonight's chicken apple sausage salad, which I've mentioned before, was made of the following:

Spring mix
Baby spinach
Granny Smith apple
Goat cheese
Chopped pecans
Pear-Gorgonzola vinaigrette
Sweet apple chicken sausage

Once everything was cooked, chopped, and mixed, we packed it up and walked to the picnic area at our hotel for a truly summery experience.

The little guy ate sausage, strawberries, apples, and cheese. He's not a big fan of leafy veggies yet, unless they're in a smoothie.

After a quick exploration to find the (very nearby!) gluten-free bakery I read about online, we stopped at the dollar store for a few odds and ends, then jetted back to the hotel for bed. Long day!

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