Friday, June 4, 2010

Atlanta - Day 4

Ah, Friday. The sigh of relief at the end of a busy week! And yes, despite being able to relax poolside with my fellas and a charming inflatable turtle, it *has* been busy! Being away from home--with or without a toddler--and still trying to maintain work and routine and sanity isn't always easy.

Today's breakfast was steel-cut oats with chopped pecans and maple syrup, and a chocolate protein shake. I would have liked raisins in my oats, but I forgot to ask The H to bring me some from the breakfast buffet.

The little guy and I munched some dried cherries for snack time, but that's it--we'd been shopping (is "Lost in Translation" worth the $4 I paid for it at TJMaxx? I took a chance...) and then I had to pick up The H and a coworker, who were very nearly caught in the rain. We shared a bowl of Trader Joe's microwaveable rice noodles for lunch, though they were extremely salty and he didn't care much for his portion. He chose instead to eat a hardboiled egg and a squeezable applesauce. I rounded out my afternoon nosh with a small blueberry-and-cream yogurt, also courtesy of Trader Joe's.

Given the piddly portion of my lunch, I was quite ravenous by the time the little guy woke up from his nap at 3pm and fairly devoured some organic cheese sandwich crackers, a piece of turkey, and a Trio granola fruit/nut bar with a cup of coffee.

For dinner, we headed towards Cumberland Mall for Ted's Montana Grill, one of our favorite stops if there's one in the area. The service and food are consistently good. Tonight the little guy and I shared roasted chicken, a baked sweet potato, and green beens. He also snagged some of The H's fries, ate a bowl full of half-sours, and a third of the tomato-onion salad we all shared. In addition, he polished off his cup of milk and some dinner roll. This kid can *eat.*

We spent the evening at a bookstore, browsing and playing. Whoever thought to put a Thomas the Tank Engine train table in the childrens' section should be given a raise. Brilliant! Tomorrow we're heading for the zoo. I hope it's not too hot!

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