Sunday, October 18, 2009


Today was my first official half marathon (I say it that way because while I've run two 25K races before, this was my first clocked 13.1 miles). We were up at 6 and I had my typical pre-run breakfast of sprouted grain toast, natural peanut butter, honey, and a banana. Then it was off to the race! It was FREEZING here, literally, and the adrenaline was flowing. Great day for a run! Sunny and crisp. Though my toes didn't thaw until my shower... Ha! Glad to have that over with.

After the race I was overcome with carb envy and consumed, in the space of 8 hours, the following most-definitely-not-clean-but-ohhh-so-good foods:

2 hotdogs with white buns
A few plain Lays potato chips
1 black bean veggie burger with a wheat bun
2 cinnamon-sugar donuts
Coffee...oh, my sweet sweet coffee! With half and half, of course!
1 cup of cider
Peanut brittle
Sour gummy bears
Slice of chocolate pudding cake
Chili with pasta
2 slices buttered cheddar-garlic bread
1 gluten-free beer

And now I'm going to sleep off my carb coma and crank up the clean eating machine tomorrow. Oh, and I smoked my goal time: finished in 2:16 and was aiming for 2:30.



  1. Sounds like you enjoyed it. No biggy. Good job going super speedy, too!

  2. Nice work on the run time!
    I've been reading your blog frequently as I'm just starting to eat clean, and it's been a big help and inspiration. Thanks! (cme25 on TheNest WC)

  3. Thank you both!

    Nice to hear from you, cme. :)