Wednesday, October 7, 2009

OK, I have to stop...

My co-op shopping list is growing by the hour. The ordering window is open for a few more days, and my wallet suffers (or the producers benefit?) a bit more each time I'm online. So far on my list:

Eggs (we already know we love 'em)
Beef (just one small package of steaks)
Watermelon (if it stores well)
Apples (Honeycrisp! The season is almost over!)
Dried cherries (won't they be good in granola?)
Yellow onions
Potatoes (fingerlings, to make a recipe from Clean Eating magazine)
Chard (if it doesn't freeze)
Goat cheese (last batch of the season!)
Cream cheese

Pretty good list, right? I'm not ordering anything in massive quantities. It's a co-op, not Costco. I decided against adding sweet onions, since I just got some at the grocery store, and removed the few non-food items from my list. My purpose for joining is to stay in contact with local *food* so that is what I am trying to focus on this time around, ordering from multiple farms and trying different products. If I view this as taking the place of a trip (or two) to the big-box grocery, it doesn't look that bad at all. Right?


  1. I think that looks like a very reasonable list. They are all items you will use and you have a plan for them, so it's no different than if you bought all of that at the store; except it's better for you and your family and for your local famers.

  2. Thanks, Kristy! My thoughts exactly. :D