Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sick day

As a stay-at-home/work-at-home mom, I don't exactly get to take sick days, but if I did, yesterday would have been one of them for sure. It can be hard for me to eat well when I'm sick because nothing tastes good. What's the point of eating good food if it has no flavor? Well, the point is I know my body needs it. So here's what the day looked like:

8am - PBJ: natural peanut butter and low-sugar strawberry jam on toasted spelt bread
11am - raw almonds and dried apricots
12:30pm - chocolate protein shake and grapes (green and red)
2:00pm - THREE HOUR NAP! The little guy was kind enough to sleep extra long so I did, too!
5:30pm - tiny Snickers bar I found in the car on the way to see friends at running group (didn't run)
7:30pm - chicken, black beans, salsa from the CrockPot, served as a dip with flax chips. I couldn't taste a single bite of ANYthing, all day, so I doused this in Frank's RedHot just for kicks. While it made my tongue tingle, I still couldn't perceive any flavor. Frustrating!

The high point of my day was having my sinuses open up a bit around 1am, and today I feel like the fog is lifting and I can almost breathe again. Breakfast (pumpkin pancake w/ walnuts, Neufchatel cheese, real maple syrup, coffee) was still tasteless, but at least I don't feel like my head is going to explode anymore. My cheeks ache like I might be developing a sinus infection, though. Running is probably going to hurt...

The little guy and I are off to meet a friend at Panera for our monthly lunch date this afternoon; I think a bowl of vegetable soup is in order. I'm pleased to report that I've kept up with my meal plan for the week so far; tonight's vegan split pea soup (didn't feel like having chicken two days in a row) is in the slow cooker as I type. Have a great day!

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