Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ah, weekend

7:30 am - Breakfast
We were all up early (thanks, little guy) and had breakfast together at the buffet downstairs. I ate three wedges of the little guy's Belgian waffle topped with syrup and walnuts, as well as some fresh pineapple and coffee. No pics--the camera battery was charging.

After breakfast we gathered a few things--snacks, camera, diapers--and headed off to see the White House and the National Aquarium.

9:45 am - Snack
On the way I had a Kashi chewy granola bar, and The H and I shared some almonds and dried apricots while the little guy played with his beloved fruit snacks. We passed a bunch of carts like this

but did not give in to their greasy, fattening temptation... especially after Five Guys last night! :)

For something bearing the title National, the aquarium was pretty unimpressive (unless we missed a ton of it), but the little guy loved looking at the fish, alligators, and turtles, so it was a good choice for us... especially since it had started to rain outside.

11:30 am - Lunch
For lunch we stopped at the food court below the Reagan building. The little guy and I shared a chicken shwarma platter (chicken, rice, tabbouleh, and tomato-cucumber salad) while The H had a chicken kabob platter. That was probably some of the best "fast" food we've had on our trip.

3 pm - Snack
We all got to take a little snooze for a change, before second snack time. The little guy picked at some yogurt and cocoa bunnies, The H had a bowl of agave granola and bunnies, and I made a breakfast burrito (a whole egg + another white, salt, pepper, and cheese) with my pita from lunch.

The H and I also shared an apple and some coffee (leaded, this time!) with half and half. It was a pretty big snack, but we were starving. Part of me thinks that's because our lunch was not loaded with filler and preservatives.

Low-key was the theme of the afternoon. We trucked down to the guest lounge where I helped the little guy make a fort out of couch cushions while The H looked up a place for dinner.

5:30 pm - Dinner
Bertucci's, an Italian place on King Street, won the proverbial coin toss. They are one of the first restaurants to come up in a "gluten free Alexandria, VA" web search. It turned out to be a great choice.

The H and I split a beautiful Caprese Salad to start, while the little guy colored and snagged a tomato or two.

Then his "cheese pasta pillows" (ravioli) arrived, so we got him started eating while we waited for our food.

Some fancy awesome salad with chicken for The H...

Minestrone soup with a side of broccoli for me.

The menu said the broc was supposed to be roasted, drizzled with a lemon-wine sauce, and topped with Romano cheese, but it was most definitely steamed, had no wine flavor, and was sparsely sprinkled with what looked like grated Parm from a can. I still ate it (minus the few pieces The H stole) but asked for extra lemon. Incidentally, The H mentioned that this week is probably the healthiest he's ever eaten on a business trip. :D

8 pm - Dessert
We left dinner feeling satisfied but not overstuffed and, at my request, ventured off our beaten path to find the Trader Joe's not too far away. TJ was kind enough to provide dessert for us.

Mini creme brulee, with dark-chocolate-covered edamame (!) and a glass of deep, dark, delicccccious red wine. All come highly recommended by me for a nice treat. Check 'em out if you are fortunate enough to have TJ's nearby! Not the cleanest, but remember we don't claim perfection here.

Tomorrow we're off to Eastern Market in the morning, then I'm planning a nice long run while The H and the little guy do some father-son bonding. You know, like watch cartoons and take a nap. :)


  1. This entire post makes me hungry :) And please tell Jonathan to keep rocking that Old English D. Go Tigers!! ;o)

  2. I love that TJ's question-mark wine! The bottle totally suckered me in, but I was surprised that it was actually a decent wine.

    You guys are such a cute family...glad you're enjoying the travels!