Friday, April 23, 2010

SAHM = Stay at Hotel Mom

Today was as typical as any we'd have at home. We ran some errands, did some laundry, gave the little guy a bath, let him watch part of a movie, colored pictures, played with blocks, and somewhere in between managed to eat three meals and a couple snacks. Not all our days "on the road" have to be "on the go" as well. The little guy needs some downtime, and some normal activities to keep him sane and cooperative.

Breakfast was coffee, a hardboiled egg with sea salt, a chocolate-cream-cheese muffin The H brought me from the breakfast buffet, and a banana-almond-butter wrap.

After breakfast, the little guy and I walked the half-block to Whole Foods for baby wipes, half and half, and a snack. We also spent some time smelling and testing lotions, which he adores. Our snack was simple and colorful: assorted fresh fruit, two hardboiled eggs (we only ate the whites), some edamame, and shredded cheese, at his request.

We enjoyed our little snack near the fountain by the Metro station, then wasted some time wandering around before getting back to put the creamer away. At this point we grabbed our bag of dirty laundry and headed to the laundry room, quarters in tow for buying soap. Once the washer was going, we came back to our room for lunch--black bean quesadillas.

The little guy only ate the beans out of his, plus a few apple slices, and some organic French vanilla yogurt. He also destroyed a peach Activia to the point that he required a midday bath... after we switched the laundry to the dryer. At this point he was getting pretty mellow, so we snuggled for a bit and watched Elmo in Grouchland until the dryer was done. One last trip to the laundry room, and I had fresh clothes to fold while he napped.

...and napped and napped! Little dude pulled 3 hours on me, which overlapped into my next planned snack/mini meal time. What to do? Ah yes, grab the tubs of raw almonds and dried apricots from the kitchen counter, and sneak back to the computer for a quiet little nosh. When he woke up, I had a bowl of Nature's Path agave granola with low-fat milk.

He enjoyed the rest of the plain hummus with some chips.

Dinner was provided by Cosi. The H had a lovely-looking Greek salad with added steak.

I opted for soup-and-sandwich, like I tend to do when given the option. My soup was tomato basil and the sandwich was roasted veggie on wheat, with a side of baby carrots.

The soup was creamier than I was imagining; I only ate about half. The little guy ate effectively nothing, except a few olives from The H's salad. He sipped some milk. So glad we paid $5 for a pizza he almost refused to even *look* at. :(

It was a wearying day for me, even though we didn't "DO" anything... I think the little guy was testing out the Terrible Twos water. Once he *finally* settled down to sleep (he was hungry, ya think?) I hit the treadmill for a fast 4 miles--even quicker pace than my 5 yesterday. Gotta love "frustration motivation."

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