Monday, April 12, 2010

Birthday lunch

Today my sisters and I met here in town for my birthday lunch. This is a tradition we started this year--getting together during the months of our b-days to celebrate as a foursome--inspired by my dad and his three sisters who have done this for years. It just so happens that we have a birthday in each season, and they coincidentally fall in birth order. My older sis was born in January, I'm the spring baby, #3 is a June bug, and the youngest will celebrate (21!) in September.

I'm the one in the flowery shirt, top left.

Lunch was at my favorite local place, which I've mentioned more than once. Everything was so good! My lunch was half of a charred chili portobello sandwich with roasted asparagus and a cup of poblano-potato soup. I have never regretted a meal there. :)

Here are some pictures of our goofy selves (these are the good shots, btw) during the afternoon.

Big sister

Middle sister

Baby sister

Baby sister gave us all flowers--yellow rose for me, orange gerberas for the others--and the little guy loved playing with mine when I got home.

My little goofy dude

Such a sweetheart!

Tomorrow I'll have some new recipes for you. I've been aching to make a tofu-and-Brussels-sprouts dish for months now, and I'm forcing myself to find the time tomorrow. I also plan to make a red pepper tabbouleh (using quinoa instead of bulgur) to use up my remaining co-op parsley and the rest of the quinoa from Saturday. For now, it's time to find a snack and go read for a little while.