Monday, April 26, 2010

Survival mode

The tone of our trip changed this morning when the little guy woke up with an ooky tummy. Suffice it to say, he's on the "BRAT" diet today--bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast. Except no toast, because I'm not buying a whole loaf of bread for the three slices he'd *maybe* eat before we leave on Wednesday morning. We did make yet another trip (sorry, wallet) to Whole Foods for some single-serve applesauce packets that we can eat this week (and then bring on the plane with us, in case he's not better by then), some probiotic yogurt, and brown rice. He will not be partaking of the black bean soup I have planned for me and The H tonight, that's for sure.

So today got off to a groggy start because of a crappy night's sleep, which ended with the little guy in bed with us. Those of you who know me should realize this means it was REALLY bad. That is one of my "never ever as a parent" things. But we all got a good 2.5hr stretch of sleep this way, so never-ever whatever. Breakfast was late and not that great. Canadian turkey bacon, egg-and-pancake sandwich, melon, coffee, oatmeal (regular, not steel-cut) with walnuts, raisins, and chocolate chips. Yep, I went there.

It's been a stick-close-to-home kind of day, especially given the rain. It held off yesterday, for which we are grateful, but let loose on us today. The little guy and I managed a walk up King Street for some window shopping (why isn't anything open before 11am?!) before the rain got the best of us and we ducked into Bittersweet for a midmorning coffee. He slurped an applesauce and some water while I ate a too-big carrot raisin muffin and hazelnut coffee. Between that and my clunker of a breakfast, I feel pretty bad about what I've eaten so far.

By this time the rain had gotten so bad, The H called the hotel shuttle van to pick us up. Good thing, too. I am not that great at steering a finicky umbrella stroller one-handed while holding an umbrella over the two of us on smooth pavement, never mind the rough, uneven brick pavers that are everywhere here in Old Town Alexandria!

Lunch for me and The H was a rotisserie chicken meal from Whole Foods--chicken, mashed potatoes, garlic broccoli, and sauteed squash with onions. The little guy picked at some rice, a banana, and a yogurt before his nap. I can tell I had either too many calories and/or not enough exercise today because even at 4:30 I wasn't hungry, and lunch had been almost 4 hours earlier.

Once the little guy was awake I sent him and The H outside for a yogurt picnic, then tried to get back on my eating track with an apple and almond butter snack-in-a-jar.

Yes indeed, we polished off an entire 12 ounce jar of almond butter this week. Yum! I also shook up some protein with one of the skim milks I got from breakfast.

Dinner was the black bean soup I'd been meaning to make since we got here. It turned out really well, and surprisingly spicy for the small amount of chipotle (half, plus some sauce) pepper I used! Served with baked blue-corn chips topped with grilled chicken and cheddar.

The little guy had a tummy-friendly meal of egg white, Saltine cracker, plain pretzels, and a yogurt-banana smoothie. He wasn't very hungry at all, but was super happy and chatty, so that's an improvement. Here's to a better tomorrow!

I hit the treadmill for my last run in DC (a 5 mile trudge--even my legs are tired of being here) after dinner. Tomorrow we're having dinner with some of my family, and we leave early Wednesday morning to catch our flight HOME!

My post-run fuel was an Odwalla Bar, "Berries GoMega" flavor, with some raw almonds and lots of fresh, cold water. And, goodnight.

***my laptop isn't recognizing the camera; I will edit to add pics when it's cooperating again!***

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  1. May not be worth an extra shopping trip while out of town, but white rice is recommended on the BRAT diet instead of brown. Hope he's feeling better soon (and before the flight home)!