Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wet Wednesday

We woke up to rain today. No surprise, as I'd been checking the weather all week, but still kind of a bummer with a wiggly nearly-2-year-old to entertain all day.

Breakfast was steel-cut oats mixed with half of a sliced banana, pumpkin pie spice, some apple butter, almond butter, and raw almonds, with half of a chocolate protein shake and my precious coffee. The oats weren't all that tasty to me today--maybe I oversalted the water?--so I picked through to find all the almonds and banana pieces, then pitched the rest. Then I smeared half of a whole wheat wrap with almond butter and apple butter, rolled it up and microwaved for 10 seconds, then enjoyed my ghetto ABJ roll-up with my coffee.

Despite the rain, the little guy and I ventured out. I wanted to hit up the Jake's ("Life is Good") store on King Street after seeing a shirt I loved in Katie's blog, Health for the Whole Self. I ended up with the same saying, "Gotta Run," but on a pink running shirt. The little guy got a red shirt that says "Monkey" on it. Oh, so fitting.

We paused for a snack at La Madeline, where I swigged a Cafe Americano with skim milk and we (sort of) shared a mini fruit tart and two lemon cream cheese mini muffins.

The little guy ate the fruit off the top of the tart, and a handful of pretzels from my purse, but was more than content to just color on his kids' menu while I nommed the rest.

Lunch was--surprise--mac 'n' cheese. I had the leftover "hummus mac" from yesterday, with grapes, melon, a peach Activia yogurt, and a hardboiled egg.

The little guy ate melon, an egg white, and some grapes. He threw fistfuls of his macaroni around the room. Naptime!

My afternoon snack, in anticipation of my pre-dinner run, was a green monster smoothie: low-fat milk, almond butter, spinach, and half of a banana I'd frozen this morning.

The little guy drank the few sips that didn't fit into my oh-so-fancy goblet. Anybody else get that gob of peanut butter (almond butter, in this case) stuck to the side of the blender? I never gets blended with the rest.

Little guy and The H went swimming while I pounded out a fast (for me--9:14 pace) and sweaty 5 miles on the treadmill. I refueled with a hardboiled egg white and a shower (yep, simultaneously--that one's for you, H&F).

For dinner we ended up at an old favorite--Ted's Montana Grill. It was a quick Metro ride (one stop). We have never yet been disappointed by the food or service at a Ted's, and we have been to locations in Denver, Atlanta, and now Alexandria. Our server tonight was the most friendly, interactive person--restaurant workers, salespeople, hotel personnel, and passersby included--that we've met on our trip to DC. He helped make our evening truly enjoyable. The little guy loved him.

The camera got left behind and The H's cell battery died, so no pics of this fabulous meal. But it was a good one! We all shared a tomato-onion salad (three fat slices of fresh, red tomato topped with sliced red onion rings and a vinaigrette) and two dishes of half sours. I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich topped with avocado, jalapenos, pepperjack cheese, tomato, pickle, and lettuce (I ate about half). I substituted delicious peppery roasted asparagus for my fries, and ended up also eating the squash casserole we'd ordered for the little guy. He made short work of his cottage cheese, and between the snacks he had before we left (an egg and some chips, hummus, and fruit snacks) and the tomatoes/cucumber/pretzels he munched before the main meal, his little belly was full and happy. The H had a bunless burger of some sort.

We're now sharing our nightly decaf and hoping the little guy settles down soon. We are hoping to go for a run around the National Mall and monuments tomorrow... if anyone reading this has a great recommendation for dinner (casual, since we'll be in running duds) around there, please let me know!

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  1. Just wanted to comment to let you know that I'm so happy you've reignited your passion for clean eating and thus, blogging. You actually inspired me to give clean eating a shot when I first came across your blog last August. Since that time I have read and purchased Tosca's Eat-Clean Diet book as well as her cookbook, and I pick up my copy of Clean Eating every other month. Among all the clean eating benefits that I have notices, the most notable have been a huge increase in my energy levels, my frequent headaches have disappeared, and I've have lost about 10lbs! Your blog reminds me to keep trying new recipes to keep things exciting and I love that you are doing it with a toddler in tow who eats as clean as you! Just wanted to give you a props for inspiring at least one other person to make positive changes in her life.
    Big thanks!
    Lindsay from Canada