Monday, August 17, 2009

Blueberry no-gurt

My morning snack today was going to be blueberries and low-fat cottage cheese, but I forgot to let the berries thaw long enough before scooping the cottage cheese on top. My stomach was growling--it had been 3 hours already--and I needed to eat it quick. On a whim, I dumped it all into my bullet blender, added a squirt of agave nectar and splash of milk (it wouldn't blend without it, I tried) and let it whiz around for a few seconds. When it was a brilliant purpley blue, I used a spatula to scoop it into my bowl. The end result was a smooth, too-sweet (should've skipped the nectar) creamy treat very similar to yogurt. My 1-year-old, who has a ridiculous love of blueberries, probably ate half of it, so I made a piece of sesame Ezekiel toast with natural peanut butter make up the rest of my snack calories. The "no-gurt" would probably be good as a frozen treat; maybe I'll play with it one day and see how it turns out.

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