Saturday, August 29, 2009

Here we go again...

We're traveling for the next two weeks. This time I'm more prepared than ever, I think. My suitcase is stuffed to the gills with a bullet blender, protein powder, oatmeal, dark chocolate, raw almonds, dried apricots (airplane snacks!), our favorite rice pasta, and various other food items we're used to eating at home. Oh yeah, and clothes. I even crammed a resistance band and toning DVD in there, not that they took up any real space.

I've asked some locals for restaurant recommendations and will do my best to peruse the menus online ahead of time. My Google map already has a few grocery stores saved, so we can hit one of them as soon as we get in and stock our fridge/pantry the rest of the way.

It's hot where we're going (maybe we'll bring this cool weather with us...), but I've packed two running outfits anyway and will do what I can to maintain my four-times-weekly runs while we're there. Our half-marathon is coming up sooner than I'd like to think (October 18th!) and I don't want to lose what we have so far. Even if I don't get a good long one in each week, the same frequency is what I'm shooting for.

Stay tuned for more fascinating "clean eating on the road" adventures...

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