Thursday, August 13, 2009

My clean conundrum

Since I'm so new to eating clean, I'm not quite sure how to handle this. Maybe you can help. I do my best to eat clean at home and at restaurants, and I've got that pretty well under control. When we're staying with family, I struggle a bit given the resources available, but still manage to come out feeling mostly good about my choices. My problem is what to do with food that other people bring me.

Tonight my mother-in-law brought over blueberry muffins that she made yesterday. I appreciate the thought. I'd probably also appreciate the flavor. But after splurging a bit this week at my girls' run tonight (two chocolate desserts... :z) and eating away from home Monday and Tuesday, I'm not certain that they'd be the best choice for me right now. If I'd made them myself and had leftovers, this wouldn't be such an issue--I'd toss them. But something is keeping me from doing that to these muffins. Perhaps I will just freeze them individually and enjoy one as a treat sometime later. Maybe I'll share them with my mom for breakfast tomorrow.

But this can't be the last time someone is going to gift us with food. How do I grow a backbone and start telling people up front that we eat clean? How to handle the implications that the food is "dirty" since, if I eat clean, it doesn't fit the parameters? I'm such a newbie that I'd still feel like a big dork (or, as my mom stated semi-jokingly last week, a food snob) explaining my lifestyle and why it works. There are some people who just wouldn't get it. It would be taken personally. And then I'd be [even more] guilted into eating things that really don't make me feel (or look) my best.

Eating clean has made such a difference in my appearance and health that I'd love to start telling people just *what* is making me look "so good" (a friend's words) and "pretty skinny" (my mom's statement) but I hesitate for some reason. I've chosen to wimp out and lamely say "I've been eating differently" but that's not really the whole story. Clean eating is a good thing. So why am I being weird and sneaky about it?

And what do I do with those muffins?


  1. I think a lot of us face the same conundrum even without clean eating. I face the same problems when with the in-laws when it comes to things I don't want to eat or don't fit into my plan. It's hard not to offend, especially because a lot of people don't get it. There must be a way to explain your eating habits to people without offending or having them think you are insulting them...I just haven't figured it out yet.

    I would freeze the muffins or bring them into work if that is a possibility for you.

  2. Is there somewhere you can take them? Share them with a neighbor? I have a hard time explaining my diet choices to other people as well. I don't want them to think I'm weird, but I should care.

  3. I work from home :) Gave one to my mom and one to my son today; ate the other myself. And after a good clean lunch, I got out my ECD cookbooks and started telling Mom about them. :)

  4. Hmm, that is a good question. I've only just started on the clean eating bandwagon, but for the time being don't live close to any family or friends that would make my anything. However, I've already talked about clean eating openly with my best friend, and I hope I'm able to be that free with other people. Bravo for dealing with the muffins and opening up to you mom about it!

  5. Sorry, I don't have a good suggestion for you. I usually just give food I don't want away!
    I just popped in to thank you for writing this blog. I've found myself gravitating toward the clean eating world lately, and your blog has been very helpful! Thank you so much!:)

  6. Thanks, Sarah! Happy to help.

  7. I found myself thinking about this situation last night. Just be upfront and blunt about your diet.
    No enriched whites, etc.
    As you know, I am a vegetarian, and no one would think of dropping of a meal of pulled pork or italian meatballs at my house. They just know that isn't a part of my diet.
    Hopefully you can make enriched white flours a no-go for others just as meat is a no-go for others in my family.