Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Co-op night!

Tonight is co-op pickup, and I am so excited. Just like always! First, The H and I are having dinner at our favorite local place, the Cheetah restaurant you may have seen me mention before. I'm already drooling at the thought of raw fries... I was thrilled to find that I had a very similar approximation of raw fries saved in my Google Reader, courtesy of Elly Says Opa. Can't wait to try them!

This month we ordered more meat than usual, since I never seemed to have enough in the freezer towards the end of the month. On our list this time:

Eggs (three dozen; two never seemed like enough, especially now that I'm making more gluten-free bread at home)
Hamburger patties, grass-fed
Chicken apple sausage
Stew meat
Fingerling potatoes
Yellow onions
Dried cherries
Dried blueberries
Multigrain bread
Spelt bread
Cheddar cheese
Jack cheese w/dill

I plan to attempt my own Larabars with the dried fruit and some dates/nuts that I bought at the grocery store this week. Some of this food will travel with us to the Chicago area when the little guy and I join The H on his next business trip. Clean eating on the road, part eight hundred million, coming soon! :)


  1. I'm enjoying reading about your energy bar experiments. Let me know when you get it perfected :-)

  2. I made them today! Took quite a few pics for a change :D Stay tuned!