Thursday, January 14, 2010

Revamped protein bars

I made protein bars again today, but this time I used chocolate protein powder and pecans instead of vanilla and almonds. I switched up the vanilla extract for almond extract, too. There was no need for a new picture, since they look basically the same only browner (oh, and I made 8 of them instead of 6), but I did feel it necessary to tell you that I think I like them this way better. I've only had the trimmings so far, but they are tastier to me than I remember the vanilla ones being.

The almond extract makes my tongue think there's cherries in there, even though I won't be able to experiment with adding actual dried cherries until after co-op pickup next week, and I really, really like the bites that have nuts in them, so in the future I might increase the amount I use. Also, I was pleased to note that my chocolate protein powder contains 2g of sugar, whereas the vanilla had 3g. I'm not basing my life around the nutrition facts, but it's nice to know. Naturally the changes you make will alter the info listed in the first post, so use it as a guideline only.

Let me know if you make these, and how you made the recipe your own! It's one with lots of possibilities.


  1. I made these too! I think I will put a banana in them next time to give them a different texture. I blogged about them today. :) Thanks!

  2. That sounds good! Please let me know how the banana turns out.